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Hurricane Ian Salon Update

Dear Clients and Friends,

From all of us at Canterbury & Co. Salon, we hope you weathered the storm and have remained safe during these tough times here in Southwest Florida. We are thinking of you and your families and are wishing you the best.

All of our stylist here have remained safe and in their homes. We were very luckily and had minimal damage to our homes and vehicles. We know that some of you were not so lucky and we want to extend our sympathies.

We are currently reopen for business, but also if you need a space with air conditioning to charge your phones or do laundry.

Currently, our cell phone reception is spotty, but the best way is to reach out to your individual stylist. Online booking is also available and we will contact you if adjustments need to be made.

Those previously booked, your stylist will be in touch as soon as they can.

Again, we want to wish you and your families the best during this hard time.

Can’t wait to see you soon,

Canterbury & Co. Salon

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